Carefully observe needs, actively solve problems.

Aromase’s founder, Eric Chen, was raised to believe that there is always a solution for any problem, especially when it comes to scalp and hair. This belief was put to the test when he noticed his father was suffering seborrheic-dermatitis caused by certain chemical ingredients, and he couldn’t find anything in the market that could help him improve his condition. For this reason, Eric decided to start studying herbal ingredients and their effects, hoping he could help his father as well as all others who were being affected by chemicals. Growing up and throughout the course of his studies, he noticed a big gap in the hair care industry, scalp care. After joining in his great-grandfather’s footstep, him being the third generation in his family dedicated to the hair care industry, he decided to utilize the 60 years’ of know-how he inherited to conduct R&D in the hopes of producing a product that could improve any scalp conditions.

At Aromase, we offer a range of treatments that help improve the overall condition of your scalp with lasting results, giving you both healthy hair and a healthy scalp. At Aromase, we conduct the necessary research to find out what the market needs and what solution we can offer before we start developing our products, intending to not just offer a solution but a better quality of life as well.


Our commitment and dedication in providing better scalp health through our highest standards and purest ingredients have given us recognition and awards from all over the world.